Notes To My Beans

The day to day tales of my life with the beans

Week 21: Whoa baby

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Weight: 125ish
Symptoms: Squirming and rib tickling
Feeling: Pregnancy-wise, great.

So much for regular updates!

We had the anatomy scan last week and everything checked out perfectly. We had visual confirmation that it’s a boy. I think the term the tech used was “it looks like a turtle.” He still has my broad flat nose but may have the face shape of papaBeaner. We’ll have to wait a few weeks before we get confirmation on that one.

Going back a few weeks ago, I actually passed my first glucose test. I didn’t even fail a single number, which is crazy! And I won’t even pretend that I’m following the diet. Breakfast and lunch are pretty easy but since neither of us has the time to make dinner, it makes it difficult to follow the diet. And testing is a joke, unless I’m at the office. I’ll take another one in a few weeks and I’m sure I’ll get diagnosed at that point and then I can be more regimented.

Other than the bad attempt at the diet and the doctor appointment, I feel like I’ve been ignoring this pregnancy. It’s not that I feel like I’m doing bad things, I just feel like I’m not paying enough attention. I’ve been slacking with taking belly photos, we haven’t really discussed names, we haven’t tried to make room for this kid. The only thing I’ve done is bought a few warmer onesies since the bean didn’t have a need for them, being a summer baby and all. It’s like we’re already giving this kid a second child complex and he’s not even out yet!

Sooner or later we’ll get out butts in gear. But probably not until after the holidays.


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