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I have to get back in the rhythm of writing my weekly updates. For now, I just wanted to share a few points.

Yesterday I worked from home because I had an OB appointment. My son tells my parents, “mommy home … go doctor … belly hurts.” How adorable I’d that?!

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been resisting buying a belly band for my work pants. I bought one last time, lost it shortly after buying it then found it after I gave birth. I thought my old one would turn up. Nope. So I bit the bullet and bought another one. If I don’t manage to lose it, I imagine I’ll get about 2 weeks worth of wear before I switch to maternity pants full time. But good lord, this belly band feels amazing!

Speaking of, I’ve been buying too much maternity clothes. I know it’s pointless spending a lot of money since this will be my last but I hate most of my old maternity clothes. The pants are too baggy or short and the tops seem too casual. I’m trying to give myself a limit but we’ll see how that goes to.

Everything else is going relatively well. I’m feeling better but the bean and work still take a lot out of me. Thankfully the butterBean is also doing well. I’m feeling little flutters which I’m about 85% sure is the baby. We can also hear him through the doppler and word is starting to get out.

Life is good.


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