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The day to day tales of my life with the beans

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Random pregnancy musings

I have to get back in the rhythm of writing my weekly updates. For now, I just wanted to share a few points.

Yesterday I worked from home because I had an OB appointment. My son tells my parents, “mommy home … go doctor … belly hurts.” How adorable I’d that?!

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been resisting buying a belly band for my work pants. I bought one last time, lost it shortly after buying it then found it after I gave birth. I thought my old one would turn up. Nope. So I bit the bullet and bought another one. If I don’t manage to lose it, I imagine I’ll get about 2 weeks worth of wear before I switch to maternity pants full time. But good lord, this belly band feels amazing!

Speaking of, I’ve been buying too much maternity clothes. I know it’s pointless spending a lot of money since this will be my last but I hate most of my old maternity clothes. The pants are too baggy or short and the tops seem too casual. I’m trying to give myself a limit but we’ll see how that goes to.

Everything else is going relatively well. I’m feeling better but the bean and work still take a lot out of me. Thankfully the butterBean is also doing well. I’m feeling little flutters which I’m about 85% sure is the baby. We can also hear him through the doppler and word is starting to get out.

Life is good.


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Week 12: Oh baby!

Weight: 113 lbs
Symptoms: Severe constipation
Attitude: Slowly coming out of the doldrums

I’m convinced my ickyness is caused by constipation. Last time, pregnancy made me more regular. Regular = happy, but tired mama. Nowadays, I’m bloated and feeling like crud — like there are bricks just sitting in my tummy making me feel super heavy. I tend to feel more crappy a night, as if all the food I’ve eaten throughout the day has been sitting in my stomach and staying put. It does get a little better when I remember to drink plenty of water and eat my veggies but both things are difficult to remember when I’m at working. So I’m taking advantage of the long weekend to clean out the pipes!

On to the less gross topics!

I had another visit at the OB’s office last week. I went through a lengthy medical history with the OB nurse. She informed me the earliest I can take my glucose test is 18 weeks. Not looking forward to failing that one. Then I got to see one of the OBs and more importantly, the butterBean. And butterBean is right! He’s already measuring a week over! Oops … maybe I should be sticking to the GD diet a little more closely. But I could clearly see hands and feet and ears. He was not liking that we were trying to sneak a peek at him – he kept shifting around and kicking as if to say we were interrupting his sleep. Already, he’s turning out to mp be much different than the bean. The bean was very cooperative and still during all of the ultrasounds. Hopefully this little guy learns to calm down!

NT scan is scheduled for next week. One more peek and then we won’t see him for another 8 weeks.