Notes To My Beans

The day to day tales of my life with the beans

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Week 7: Getting better

Weight: 112
Symptoms: Bloating, indigestion
Attitude: Slowly climbing out of my funk

Earlier last week, I had another appointment at my RE’s office where I heard the heartbeat. 133! It was such a relief. It was also the (hopefully) last time I will see my RE since my next and last appointment will be with another doctor. It’s such a bitter sweet realization that I’ll be leaving their care after a year of visits. But it’s kinda nice too.

I’ve also scheduled my OB appointment. Unfortunately, the only person available is the same doctor that delivered the bean, and he’s the only doctor in the practice that I’m not a fan of. Hopefully he’ll be nicer.

This weekend we visited the in laws for my mother in law’s birthday and told them the news. The bean wore a big bro shirt and it took a while for anyone to notice. But all seemed excited. We told my father in law the next day and when he told his girlfriend he felt the need to rub my stomach and ask her if she saw a difference. WTF!

I’m glad that I can finally count down the days until I’m done with the PIO shots. They’re literally a pain in the butt!


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Week 6

Weight: 112 lbs
Symptoms: Off and on queasiness, off and on spotting
Attitude: Hormonal

Earlier this week I had my first ultrasound and saw the gestational sac and yolk sac. That was pretty great.

Other than that, it’s been a crappy week. So I’ll just leave it at that. Maybe next week will be better.

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Week 5: Good Times

Weight: 114lbs
Symptoms: Tender boobies, acute sense of smell, minor cramping
Attitude: Awesome!

It’s the start of my fifth week and I don’t think the news has really sunk in. Although I will say I’m much less paranoid about possibly miscarrying this pregnancy than I was with the bean. I guess that’s what happens with your second, even if it takes much more drastic measures to get that way.

Right now I’m blaming the tiredness on the horrible sleep schedule that the bean is keeping. Essentially, one of us needs to stay is his room while he falls asleep. And then when he wakes up 2 hours later, once the binky has fallen out of his mouth, we go into his room, give him his binky and fall asleep on a  air mattress we have set up in his room. And then we wake up every 3 hours when he inevitably starts looking for his binky. There’s more to the story but I’ll write it up another day.

So what was the point … oh yea. I distinctly remember the first tri sleepies with the bean but I think that will kick in at the 8 week mark. Taking naps before bedtime is great but near impossible with a toddler hanging around. Not looking forward to it.

My pants are starting to get a little more snug. If my sister’s second pregnancy was any indication of what I’ll go through, I’ll also be reaching for the maternity pants around the 8 week mark. That I don’t mind so much, cause they really are quite comfy!

At this point, my parents and sister know. I also mentioned it to a friend who knew we were going through IVF.

This week I go back to the doctor’s for my first ultrasound. I know I won’t see much more than a gestational sac, but I’m excited nonetheless. The only downside is that papaBeaner won’t be with me since he has to watch the bean during morning monitoring hours. I’m contemplating asking the doctor if I can videotape the ultrasound but I’m not sure there’s a point in asking for this week since there won’t be a heartbeat.

So … so far, so good!