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So that’s what you had for dinner

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It’s been a strange few days for us, courtesy of my youngest niece. Or should I say, a stomach bug she picked up undoubtedly from Chucky Cheese – where a sick, puking kid can be kid.

The bean was fine when I picked him up Wednesday. He was a little bit of a snot during bedtime but we always get into a tiff when it’s time to stop brushing his teeth. So, the full blown tantrum wasn’t an unusual part of our routine.

The first sign that something was odd was that he started crying after I put him down and left his room. He quieted down after a minute or two but then he kept crying every few minutes. But he kept crying for a minute or two every 20 minutes, which he has done before but not this early in the night.

The big sign that something was not right happened around 11pm. PapaBeaner saw him in the monitor scream, get up and run to the other side of his crib, picking up his stuffed animals and bringing them over to the corner that he was crying in. And then papaBeaner saw it – a strange blob that could one be one thing. Vomit.

We rushed in and confirmed it. Vomit everywhere – on the crib sheet, blanket, stuffed animals, his pjs. I tried to comfort him while papaBeaner cleaned up the mess. I’m not sure which one had the easier job. The bean wouldn’t calm down and understandably so – he had no idea what was happening and his parents were ignoring him. I’d be pissed off too. Poor bean.

When he finally calmed down a little, I changed him, gave him a little water and then changed myself. And then shortly after I changed myself he threw up again and became hysterical. After he calmed down I tried to change him and he again threw up. He didn’t feel feverish so we knew it was a stomach bug.

I called the pedi nurses line at the hospital and she said to give him half water, half milk (since we didn’t have any pedialyte) and watch that he’s peeing enough. But the bean wanted nothing to do with the weird watered down milk we were trying to give him. So he would drink a little water and then throw it up. Or he would start crying and gagging. We could put him to sleep for 20 minutes but then sure enough, he’d wake up coughing then retching. All. Night. Long.

PapaBeaner and I tried to take shifts but by the time we were about to drift off in the other room, he would start crying. So nobody got any sleep. I called up the nurses line again, after the 10th or so time he threw up but they said all an emergency room would do would be to hydrate him and release us. We didn’t think the stress of that would be worth it so we suffered at home.

Due to difficulties papaBeaner and I both had at work, we had to go in the next morning. So, I dropped him off at my parents (where he threw up on me again although I brought extra clothes with me just in case). He looked so sad and weak and tired, but I knew that my parents would probably take better care of him than I could (my mom was a nurse before she became a babysitter). But he wanted mommy and it broke my heart.

I called my mom as soon as I reached the office and she told me he threw up again. Ugh. So then I called the nurse at his pedi’s office. She said giving him water was bad because it was too light to keep down and diluted milk was too bad for his tummy. Sigh. I told her I didn’t think he would drink pedialyte because he hates new things so she told me to give him little sips of broth every 10 minutes and if he doesn’t throw up after an hour to keep increasing.

Luckily he didn’t throw up again. I was able to leave work a little early and when I saw the bean he was his happy little self. Thank goodness. And I took the next day off so double bonus! My mom said he didn’t nap again so we figured he would fall asleep in the car, which he did … about 2 hours earlier than his normal bedtime.

I didn’t want him sleeping by himself in case he threw up again so I put him in our bed and papaBeaner slept on the couch. I was exhausted, so I fell asleep next to the bean around 8:30.

At 1:30, the bean taps me on the back and starts calling me. Worried that he was hungry, I got him a bowl full of Cheerios and a little water. He continued to munch for 2 hours showing little sign of being tired. Luckily that was all an act because he went to sleep minutes after I started rocking him.

The next day was uneventful – no vomit. I was still taking it slowly with the food but he was playful and in good spirits. Over the next few days, he developed the runs but the nurse told me to expect that. What I didn’t expect is that his bug would also start messing with my stomach. Although I haven’t thrown up nor have I been stuck on the toilet so I suppose I got it easy.

Sicknesses are never easy.


One thought on “So that’s what you had for dinner

  1. don’t you love parenthood? The good thing is that your immune system will be quite strong by the time the bean goes off to college … 🙂

    We are on the second week of chicken pox with our toddler, which followed 2 weeks of your bean’s tummy bug …

    I really hope that at least the weather starts warming up…

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