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Cycle 5: IVF consult

We met with my RE yesterday to talk through our IVF cycle. She went through a lot of stats which now escape my memory. And she went through the various stages of the embryo, all of which I already knew. She pushed a lot of things back to my nurse and I forgot to ask her why an antagonist protocol. Not that any of it matters since I’m blindly putting my fate in hands of this clinic.

There were a few interesting things I learned:

They don’t do a Day 3 transfer. They say their labs are able to mimic a uterine environment perfectly and the longer the embryo has to grow in the lab, the better. So they only do Day 5 or 6 transfers.

They don’t do single embryo transfers without PGD. Well, they will but it sounds like it would be fighting an uphill battle with them. Originally, we were going to ask for a single embryo without any genetic testing but spending the extra $2500 on PDG out-weights the expense of possibly having twins. She said for me the odds of getting pregnant with a single embryo having gone through PGD would be about the same as if we transferred 2 without any genetic testing. She did a hard sell on PGD, but it wasn’t really necessary considering we would have done anything to just transfer 1 on the first time around.

I’m hoping that having been pregnant once helps my odds of having another baby. She seemed to think so. But our luck has not been good this year, for a number of reasons. So we’re hoping our luck will change in a few weeks.

So, the plan is to call the nurse later this week as a follow up to the RE consult. I go in for morning monitoring on Monday to hopefully get a script for Provera so I can get a period and then start BCP. Oh yeah, and I have to pay the finance department a chunk of money. I think I’ll go into our out of pocket expenses on a separate post.

It’s all getting very real for us. I wish I could be more excited than nervous, but I’m not. And it’s not the shots or the doctor appointments or the procedures or even the money that makes me nervous. It’s the chance that this might not work that has me sleepless.

We’ll see.


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Shedding woes

As a full time working mom, you tend to feel guilty using the weekends for personal errands rather than spending time with your kids. So much so, that you sacrifice certain tasks that were once quite regular.

This has been my MO with haircuts. I’ve always had long hair, but I would get it cut every 4 months. Ever since I had the bean, over 20 months ago, I’ve had it cut a whopping two times. However, it might be time.

Lately the bean has taken to picking up long strainds of my hair and calling them “mommy”. It’s both amusing, but kinda gross. Or maybe it’s all gross.

Either way, I desperately need to make an appointment at the salon.